Who We Are?

We are a young dynamic company based in South India providing products and solution in the areas of Instrumentation, Automation, Energy management and Security. Our strength is in the combination of maturity and youth. We are backed by years of International Industrial experience and youth talent.

Our Associated Company, Aztec services based in Bahrain is an established name meeting the requirements of Energy & Oil Sector in Instrumentation, Automation and HVAC.

Our Driving Force


Energy is what drives us all forward, right now most of our energy requirements are met from conventional sources, basically fossil fuels, which are drying up very fast. Energy management has two elements, supply side management and load side management. We have lined up best resources to tackle both sides of this problem. We have the best renewable energy products and best tools and software to monitor, mange and reduce your energy consumption levels. Some of the tools are developed in house and it is an on going process. We are focused on designing and manufacturing Power Consumption and Quality Analyzers, which, along with our Analytical and Correction tools makes way for a true Energy Efficient Tomorrow.


Technological growth in the last century has been phenomenal and it is at an exponential rate. Automation in different areas is what enables us the requirements of the growing population. Be it Home Automation or Agricultural Automation. We enjoy our role of integrating customer needs and technological advances. We are committed to the use of mobile computing and Interconnected sensors to make our lives easier and secure.

Energy, Automation, Security

What We Do?

  • Energy Monitoring and Management.
  • Industrial and Home Automation.
  • Intrusion Alarm and Notification Systems.
  • Access Control Systems.
  • Product Development.